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If you are considering a permanent make-up procedure, You'nique Images offers a variety of enhancements performed in a state of the art facility and conducted by an expert, permanent make up artist. Looking for a rewarding career, please check out our Training, Class Info and Equipment pages.
All procedures are performed using Nouveau Contour devices: “state of the art”, fully computerized, digital machines that provide less trauma and excellent results.

Why permanent cosmetics? The objective of these procedures is to raise self esteem, self confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, personal freedom, as well as saving time. Both men and women who need, or are experiencing the following, realize the positive results of

• Scar Camouflage
• Alopecia
• Allergies to cosmetics
• Unsteady Hands
• Contact lens sensitivities
• Areola Restoration
• Visual impairments
• Before and after Chemotherapy

The process of permanent cosmetics has been used and endorsed for years by Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, and Dermatologists. They embrace these procedures as non-surgical “cures”.

Permanent Cosmetics (Permanent Makeup) is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.


Terri L. Folker 

International Master Trainer/Instructor

In Micro Pigmentation

Owner of Younique Images, Leesburg, Florida

Former International 

Master Trainer / Instructor for Nouveau Contour 

Born and raised in Florida, Terri Folker is an artist by trade.  Formally an interior design painter, Terri found her calling to help others in more a personal way. 

Not only does she offer cosmetic enhancements to improve her client's self-image, Terri also creatively camouflages scars left by accidents or surgery.

Terri completes the work done by the plastic surgeon after Post-Mastectomy. Repigmentation is done to
 restore the Areola and Nipple to the new breast.  She brings self confidence to the cancer patient by giving them permanent hair stroke eye brows before chemotherapy. 

Terri enhances the professional look and credibility of the business woman with permanent eye liner. For the sports enthusiast, permanent lipstick makes life simple so she no longer has to reapply! And for the mom and dad who are worried about the scars left by their baby’s cleft palette, she can camouflage that too!

Terri 's instruction is demanded nationwide to teach her tricks of the trade. Locally, she works closely with Drs. Bosshardt and Marzek at Lake County Plastic Surgery Center.

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